ReRuns Op Shop

ReRuns op shop sells a range of pre-loved clothing and other goods at very low prices.

When financial hardship hits, some things don’t change: kids don’t stop growing; clothes don’t last forever; and the Canberra winter still rolls around—and with it the need to dress warmly! The ReRuns op shop is here to help. It’s all here—warm, cool, comfortable, and yes, even fashionable! And at prices that are truly affordable.

Our range includes:

  • Clothing for men, women and children ($3–$10)
  • Shoes ($3–$5)
  • Jackets and evening wear (starting from $8)
  • Books and magazines (starting from 50c)
  • Other goods including toys, linen, kitchenware and crockery.
  • ReRuns is a non-profit service, generously supported by volunteers and donations.

How do I access the ReRuns Op Shop?

Simply drop in, and browse around the shop. There is no membership required to shop at ReRuns. (Membership is required to shop at the adjoining HandUp Food Care store.)

If you have unwanted clothes or household goods in good condition, donations are gratefully accepted during normal opening hours. (Please note, we cannot accept some items, such as furniture or electrical appliances.)

Canberra City Care
20 Cartwright Street
Charnwood ACT

Open Monday to Friday
10 am – 3 pm

Tech Shed open Wednesday to Friday

02 6196 8630

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